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Among the many UFO shapes there appears to be several craft that have 'wings' or conform to our idea of what a winged

craft would look like.

This unfortunately leads to some confusion as to what has actually been observed, reports that describe the craft as

'Bird of prey' or 'Klingon Warship' may be describing the same type of craft.

A Butterfly shaped craft however may be a different type, although it would still conform to a 'winged craft'

                                                 A remarkable report was one from Italy, from a sighting in 1961.

A Scientific journalist was repairing a flat tyre on his car parallel to a beach near Pescara, when he noticed a strange metallic craft coming towards him from the ocean.

He managed to take a photo of the craft before it made a sharp turn and slowly flew off to the north.

Artists impression

Photo taken by the journalist

Winged Craft

Uknown image source