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Domed Craft


  Oval Craft

Winged Craft  

   Flat Top

 Cigar Craft



Conical Hat

  Bell craft

  Egg Craft






Double Hat  


 Ring Craft  


London 1967

          Matching UFO Photographs

Can a photograph of  a UFO taken at different times and in different locations be the same  craft?

Click pages below for some amazing matching photographs

Lots of Photographs so may be slow to download

  Please click  below for photographs and UFO information on each craft

Domed Saucer Horseshoe Oval craft Winged Craft Flat Top Cigar Shape Triangular craft Diamond Shape Sombrero Bell Shape Egg Shape Orb/Sphere Saturn Shape Boomerang/Chevron/Delta Square Cone Shape Double Disc Pyramid Craft Ring craft Peanut

       The John Lennon and May Pang Sighting

                                 Oldest UFO Photograph?

      Unfortunately not, however an interesting story behind this image

The incredible 1956 Antarctic report