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Dimensions for these craft have been witnessed as varying from the size of a small aircraft, to the size of a football field. The delta is often reported as resembling the wing of an aircraft. The colour of both craft ranges from black, charcoal, metallic and gun metal grey.

Normally they display an orange, white or red light at each point of the triangle, with a much larger light in the centre which often acts as a beam or strobe.

The delta and triangular shaped craft have been witnessed to hover for long periods of time and is often seen to point it's nose downwards while in a stationary position as if observing the spectators.

These craft are capable of travelling at a snail's pace as well as at great speeds. Noise levels have been reported as a deep throbbing sound and at others as completely silent. Again these two craft do not turn as a normal aircraft might, but have been seen to rotate, especially while hovering.

Triangular and Delta shaped craft

Photos are from Greenville,South Carolina USA 3/16/10

Scotland 2002

Above (2) triangular craft photographed in Puerto Rico on May 15, 2005.

Second photo is enhanced to show details of lights at the corners