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Some of the configurations of the rectangular and square-shaped craft are somewhat obscure.

These craft appears as a relative newcomer in the field of ufology mostly having reportedly been witnessed in the last 10 years or so.

One or two salient features are apparent however . The first one being the dimensions.

These craft have repeatedly been reported by independent witnesses as being absolutely huge.

Therefore, we can only guess at their size which may range from the size of a family car

to possibly many hundreds of feet in length. Frequently they have been seen at treetop height, and travelling at extremely slow speed.

Their colours have mostly been described as grey, grey-metallic or black.

Another prominent feature of the larger variety of these craft are the lights.

These have been described as "running lights" around the perimeter, or as looking as though wrapped in

Christmas lights.

The colours of these lights have been noted in white, orange, red and green and often dazzle the viewer, making the craft outline hard to discern.

One description that has been made on several occasions by viewers of these craft is that they resemble a giant flying platform. For craft of this size, their agility seems awesome. There are many reports of these vehicles travelling at low altitudes, and extremely slowly.

However, they have been seen to execute right angle turns on a dime, and when tilted upwards, have been seen to disappear in the blink of an eye.

Square Shaped Craft

Above photo was taken in mount Bisbino Italy 7/1/2012