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                           Still from a video of a Dumbbell/Peanut craft taken on July 2nd 1998 Ticonderoga NY, USA.

Object  was videoed as it passed over church spire

(With thanks to DR Bruce Maccabee for permission to use these photograph's)

(Full detailed report can be seen on DR Maccabee site at http://brumac.8k.com/PeanutUFO/PeanutUFO.html)

Peanut Shaped craft

                                                Peanut shape heading north, low and fast, No noise

My friend and I were sitting outside smoking a cigarette, as we do every night.

We were just looking up in the sky for MARS and I looked straight up above me, when I asked my friend,

"WHAT IS THAT?" He looked up and say said, "WHERE?" and he pointed to a star and said that is MARS.


He looked straight up and said "What the H--- is that?" We both saw an object kind of shaped like a peanut, is the best way to describe it, Round on both ends and thin the middle, it almost looked like a Transport helicopter.

But there was NO Sound what so ever, it was totally silent.

It looked like metal and just the city lights making the bottom of it glow like a very dull reflection,

He said he can see 3 light on it, I couldn't.

The object was heading due North coming from the South, it was about 2500 feet off the ground

and we are guessing it was traveling about 150 mph or faster.


I have no idea what it was I have never seen or ever heard of anything like it, to this day we still are talking about it. .