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Flat Top UFOs

Most saucer shaped craft come complete with a rounded or bevelled type dome on top. The flat top is a very similar type of craft with the exception that the top is flat, resembling a straw hat.

It is thought to be one of the rarer type of craft and was predominately witnessed in the 1940s through to the 1950s. Descriptions of the flat top craft range from a dull aluminium to a brightly polished silver or metallic. When looking up at this craft, the underneath may appear darker or often black.

Nighttime colours range from solidly lit yellow, amber, orange, red and blue or blue-violet, to a brilliant white. Because of halos which surround this craft, it is often difficult during the period of darkness to actually distinguish the shape of this craft.

Accompanying sounds at close quarters range from a buzz, whine or hum. The sound rises in both pitch and intensity seconds before and during take-off from a hovering or landed position. The flat top, when observed seem at time to vibrate and jitter. It is not known if these are actual movements,or are in someway connected to an optical effect.

Above photos from Pennsylvania USA 1975

Rex Heflin worked for the Orange county as a highway inspector.

Part of his job was to examine and record any roadside defects, including signs or obstructions.

It was this reason that Mr Heflin carried a Polaroid land camera as part of his equipment. It was while he was about to take a photo of trees obstructing a railway sign that he saw a Flat top UFO.

Grabbing his camera he took several photographs of the craft.

These photos over the years have been studied in great depth by scientist and professional photographic institutions using sophisticated equipment.

And to date it is still one of the greatest classic UFO reports

The Classic Rex Helfin sighting

Heflin UFO Photos Santa Ana, California August 3, 1965

Early photograph from Cave Junction Oregon USA 1927