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Boomerang Chevron and Delta shaped craft

Increasingly over the years reports have come in concerning sightings of the chevron or boomerang shaped craft.

Many of these are multiple witness reports. Perhaps the reason for this is simply the size of the craft reported. The smaller of these two UFOs', is generally described as being chevron shaped, while the larger is generally described as resembling a boomerang.

The latter has been witness at times to be of enormous dimensions. Both craft have been witnessed by individuals and groups to pass overhead at relatively low levels, and with speeds sometimes comparative to walking pace.

Often, both craft are observed as totally silent, and at other times as having a droning type sound.

They have been reported as illuminated like a carnival ride, normally with brighter lights on the leading edge than the trailing edge.

And again the opposite applies, for equally they have been witnessed as just a grey or black metallic looking shape, gliding through the sky.

One feature that does seem almost unanimous concerning the boomerang/chevron type craft is it's turning habits. These craft do not turn in the sky, but rather they rotate.

                             UK Sighting from Robert, Chairman of BUFORA Date: 1999

Time: approx. 1.00am to 1.30am

Place: Harrow, London

My event took place mid summer of 1999 whilst standing in the back garden of the house I lived in at the time, at around 1.00 to 1.30 am.

I wasn't tired on this particular evening, and as it was a warm cloudless night I thought I'd brew a mug of tea and go out in the back garden and enjoy a quiet moment or two to take in a star filled sky (allowing for city light pollution that is).

As I looking up to my right at one point (more or less east) I caught a movement to the left of my peripheral vision (northern direction). I could actually see an ill defined dark shape apparently some way off.

Within a few seconds it was obvious that this dark shape was getting decidedly larger as I watched it, which suggested that whatever it was, it was approaching my position both swiftly in curious and apparent silence!

As investigative researchers, conditioning doesn't allow us to instantly accept what we either see or hear about as highly strange or UFOs, yet this 'thing' was closing down on me at a rapid pace, in total silence and without a solitary light showing anywhere upon its structure.

I have to be honest and say that despite my feelings on rash or unqualified judgments, I instantly understood that I was about to witness something quite unexpected and extraordinary!

The 'object' became defined roughly 100 yards away from the end of the garden and at a height of approximately 1000 -1500ft (estimation based upon experience in the aviation industry).

As it closed on my vantage point and passed directly overhead, I saw a dirty black( visually brown/black as opposed to pure black by definition) non-reflective coated boomerang shaped 'aircraft' spanning what I quickly estimated to be some 150-200 ft.

Under each 'wing' were three evenly spaced soft/dull golden brown spheres flecked with a dull yellow which seemed to move around the spheres in contra-rotation. This effect was in fact the street lights at the front of the house reflecting on the surface of the spheres as the 'aircraft' passed both over me and then the roof of the house!

I stood for a second or two both stunned and at the same time trying to calculate my chances of rushing through the kitchen, down the hall and through two front doors (main and porch) to follow the 'boomerang' across what remained of the visible sky before the houses across the street blocked my view. I more or less instantly reasoned, however, that I didn't have a hope in hell of reacquiring it after such an obstacle course because of its speed, the virtual invisible nature of its totally non reflective finish and my natural inability to readjust my night vision and focus after such a frantic rush through a semi illuminated interior and out into the street.

As a result, I stayed put and instantly replayed/recalled what fleeting details I had taken in whilst it passed overhead. The total time span of my sighting, from ' positive acquired visual' to obstruction by the roof of my house lasted no more than 10 seconds in all whilst the whole episode from initial peripheral awareness to natural obstruction, lasted no more than twenty five seconds.

Perhaps the most striking aspect of the incident was the complete silence surrounding it. Given the time of the morning, the district was decidedly quiet, and in combination with the still early morning air, the absolute silence of this bizarre aircraft as it transitioned the sky was distinctly noticeable and actually more disturbing than any other aspect of the whole event to be quite honest.

I see a UFO in the middle of north Harrow, whilst drinking a mug of tea and thinking about anything but UFOs!!'....

Regards and best wishes, Robert (Chairman, UFO)

Drawing of craft by Robert

Nightvision image of craft recorded over Dublin 22nd January 2010