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                  1956: Two UFOs Appear Over Antarctica for several days witnessed by four Scientists

                           This is a synopsis of the original report which can be read here

On January 8, 1956, at the height of the Antarctic summer, four scientists from Chile were camped out on the icecap of the Waddell Sea, performing weather experiments as part of the International Geophysical Year.

The weather was clear, with a blue sky and the sun low on the horizon. One man stepped outside and noticed ' two metallic cigar-shaped objects in a vertical position, perfectly still and silent and flashing vividly the reflected rays of the sun'. ' One of the objects was almost at the mid-heaven, and the other at a distance of some 30 degrees from the first...the things looked utterly solid, with smooth, polished seemingly metallic surfaces'.

He called a second man to come look at the 'spindles'.Then they moved to another vantage point about 100 yards away to see if some sort of atmospheric optical effect could be causing them; they did not change appearance.Upon returning to their tent area, two more men also saw the objects.

The two objects remained motionless until 2100 hours (9 p.m.) when the uppermost object tilted into horizontal position and started to brighten and emit several colours. Then it began to move and executed a number of manoeuvres (90 degree turns, zigzag flight, instantaneous starts and stops, etc.) Then it came to a stop and hovered again. The second object then began to fly around for three minutes like the first object had just finished doing, and then it too stopped and hovered.

The two objects remained motionless throughout that day and through the twilight that was to be their nighttime. The four men were afraid, yet nothing happened. Then, late in the afternoon of the second day (i.e. January 9, 1956 -- J.T.) Clouds approached, the altitude of which were known approximately. And using a theodolite, the altitude of the objects was determined to be about 24,000 feet (7,275 meters) with each cigar about 450 feet long and 75 feet in diameter." "One of the men aimed a polarized spotlight at one of the objects which unexpectedly flashed a bright light in return and descended in altitude." "After a ' long pause,' it rose again to its original position and stopped.

Then it conducted ' another fantastic sky dance.' Its velocity was measured at 40,000 kilometres per hour (24,000 miles per hour) starting from a dead stop. The objects eventually disappeared from view because of the clouds that came in.

" (See Flying Saucer Review, volume 14, number 3, March-April 1968 issue, article by Gordon Creighton, page 20. See also Project Delta: A Study of Multiple UFO by Richard F. Haines, L.D.A. Press, Los Altos, California, 1994, pages 96 and 97.)

The Incredible Antarctica UFO Story

If this story had been followed up at the time we would no longer be still speculating as to UFO sightings

The sad part is somewhere, someone ,or some government may still have Photographs, and the records from this sighting