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Because of the comparative rarity of this craft, a broad range of data is hard to come by, however a synopsis of the known information is as follows:

This UFO resembles a Chinese peasant's large straw hat. And also has been described as a Sombrero.

Insufficient estimates of the conical hat craft have been made to suggest a range of sizes, but one was reliably estimated to be in the order of 200 metres in diameter.

Colour has almost always been reported as metallic silver, both dull and polished. Conical hat UFOs have been seen at times to vibrate heavily.

If the craft is moving slowly, the movement seems jerky or jittery. A fibrillation would probably be the best way to describe it.

Sombrero/Conical Hat

                                                                                      Location: Korea.

Three fighter bombers took off from the deck of a carrier of the coast of Korea on an early morning flight to bomb a truck convoy in the Yalu River valley. As the sun came up they were flying northward over the valley at 10,000 feet.

The lead pilot was startled to see two large shadows moving at high speed along the ground, coming from the northwest. He looked up and saw that two huge UFOs were causing the shadows. His radar showed that they were moving at a relative velocity of 1,000 to 1,200 mph when they suddenly stopped, assuming the velocity of the planes at a distance of a mile and a half.

They seemed to begin a jittering or fibrillation motion. The pilot's reaction was to shoot. He readied his guns and gun cameras, but the radar went haywire. The screen bloomed, becoming very bright and he realized the radar had been jammed. He called the carrier, but each frequency that he tried was successively jammed by a buzzing, a moment after he turned it on. All the while the objects were jittering out ahead, maintaining the speed of the planes. The pilot used reference points on the windshield and the previously determined range to determine their size. They were between 600 and 700 feet in diameter.

They were shaped like conical hats with oblong ports in the crown, through which copper-green lights shone. The objects had a shiny, silvery appearance with a reddish glow surrounding them. Above the ports was a shimmering red ring, encircling the top portion. The bottom was black except near the periphery, which glowed red. The black part never jittered.

The objects then began manoeuvring around the flight squadron, circling above and below. At this time all six men in the three planes experienced a feeling of warmth in the airplanes and a high-frequency vibration. After the flight, they found that all the gun camera film had been exposed or fogged, and that the luminous paint used on the instrument dials had become extremely bright; the paint had been rejuvenated.