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Scottish Photographs and Reports

On this page are some of the photographs that have been taken/submitted from around Scotland.

If you have any UFO images/Photographs you wish to put on this page please email me (Joe )

at Uforth@aol.com it really is important to Scottish UFO reaserch.

Names email addresses etc  are never displayed on a report unless  specifically asked for by the sender

           Photo recently submitted, perhaps just a digital photo anomaly, but interesting nevertheless.

                                             Photo taken near Potterton, Aberdeenshire on 22/09/2012

UFO Photo believed to have been taken in the Hebrides in 1947

Photo taken on 18/09/2010 from Wallace Monument in Stirling, it was not untill later that object was seen on the cell phone.

Another UFO photograph taken from Wallace Monument it looks as if this place is a UFO hotspot!

                                                Photo submitted from Nairn

Sender said:

I saw a huge flashing object low in the sky at Nairn near Inverness,the object was hovering

and then flew off slowly.

It was weird and something I have never seen before.

I took a photo on my phone, but it did not do the real thing any justice

                                   Photo Taken in Grangemouth Scotland in 1991 by Phil Trevis.

                                             Showing the underside of a UFO as it passed overhead.

This is another image of a similar looking object to the photo above

           Photo was taken on 23/11/2008 in Orlando Florida