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Saturn-like vehicles are so named because of their central "ring".

They are frequently in the 5 - 15 meter size range. In daylight, the colour of the Saturn-like vehicles range from a brightly polished silver colour to a dull aluminium, also a blue or blue-silver colour.

At night a neon-like, solid- colour luminescence emanates from an envelope of air around the objects like a halo, rather from the vehicle directly. This halo tends to obscure the vehicle, making the edges indistinct.

Around Saturn's, the halo is most concentrated near the rim, more extensive below than above. The upper hemisphere has been seen to be a fiery red or orange colour. The annual ring has been seen to rotate.

Saturn vehicles are often seen in pairs and seldom appear to land. Often they are witness at low level spinning at tremendous speed. Unlike other craft witnessed at close proximity, it is unusual for there to be any noise associated with these vehicles

Saturn Shaped Craft

New Hampshire USA 1973