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Ring Craft

This is a rare craft, and also a strange one, the characteristics it exhibits are like something straight out of a SF book.

Normally it appears as just a ring, colours ranging from black to multi coloured, size also variable ranging from

20ft to 300ft or more.

Witnesses can usually see either stars or clouds etc. through the centre of the ring, depending on when

the sighting took place

Sometimes described as having a low hum, at other times as silent.

However as described in the Report  below this craft may also be a shape changing' craft, as to what purpose this serves,

or to what kind of alien could inhabit this UFO (if any) is far beyond anything we can comprehend.

Fort Belvoir,West Virginia 1957. A soldier was called out by his friend to see the strange ring object,the soldier grabed his camera and took six photos of the object before it was engulfed in white smoke as in this similar photo from Baku Azerbaijan on 5/8/2010

                                  Monday October 3, 2005. Ramos Arizpe, located near Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico

A security Cam Centre located this UFO as it appeared on camera No. 1 which located the UFO north of Ramos Arizpe. Mexico.

The security cam operators were able to get the bright object in focus using the camera in infrared mode while recording the images.

The UFO got closer and increased it's size exhibiting an oval shape with intense white luminosity and had a blue glow around it.

No sound was heard at anytime.

In a matter of seconds the UFO began performing some kind of strange metamorphosis while pulsating, and a dark red kind of core appeared at the centre of the craft.

The UFO continues expanding itself increasing in size along with it's core, which changed to blue.

As the UFO continues expanding its size it suddenly turned itself into a huge oval ring saturating the security monitor screen.

The UFOs centre that presented a core at first,now had a hole in the centre where the stars were now visible.

The UFO repeated this rare morphing process several times, being recorded by the security cam during this time.

The video lasted 20 minutes until the UFO reduced its size and disappeared.

Actual images from the video cam (see report below)

Photo taken 7/9/2008 Illinois

Mesa Arizona 3/4/2012