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   Photos below taken in Jacksonville Florida USA, 24th May 1953

  Page 2 of matching UFO photos

 Now compare the above photos with the photos below from California in 1962

     Jacksonville Florida 1953

     California 1962

The two photos above are from Paradox Lake, NY USA, 7th September 1961

  Another Lakeside photo this time from Adironlake 1968

   This time an incredible 3 different locations of the same type

      This photo above from Saratoga, NY USA 1969

 Below are close ups from the photos

  Paradox lake 1961

  Adiron lake 1968

   Saratoga 1969

Allgau Germany 1957

Belvedere Switzerland 7th August 1961

St Moritz Switzerland 8th September 1961

Allgau Germany 1957 on left , Belvedere Switzerland 7th Aug. 1961 center, St Moritz 8th Sep. 1961 right