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Page 1 Same shaped UFO at different locations

The images above are interesting for a number of reasons. This craft while traversing the field is raising large quantities of dust, indicating that some sort of force field is in play.

Also notice what appears to be a band around the craft, and a knob or protuberance on top of the craft.

2nd photo as the craft traverses the field

Photos were taken in Verdun, France 27th March 1985

Now compare the above photos to this photo below taken in Clifden, Ireland 8th December 1968

   Three photos were taken in Verdun, France 27th March 1985

Photo from Medford,Oregon 1964

Photo from Harrysburg, Pennsylvania 1964

Medford on left Harrysburg on right ,although I have to say these are a weird shape!

Location USA

I was approximately 16 years old when I saw this craft. I am now 53 years old and can see this in my mind as clearly as if it happened only 5 minutes ago.

We were coming back from a camping trip at Crystal Lake. I was in the back of our family station wagon when I looked up and saw what looked like a giant bird flying approximately 1 - 200 feet up and to the west of our car, just below the top of the mountains and seemed to be going the same speed and direction as us.

This was now what I call "bird of prey shape." The colour of the craft was dull green.

What it reminded me of in regards to colour was that of copper when it tarnishes. The shape was very close to that of the "bird of prey" seen on Star Trek. I am aware that this was a long time ago, but I would like to know if anyone else has even seen anything shaped like this?

Top Photo unknown location, bottom photo Ring of Kerry Ireland 1972

                          Mystery-identical-UFOs-1-000-miles-apart-caught on Google-Street-View.

Two pinkish coloured UFOS (Camera anomalies?) as seen on Google maps, one from South Street Jacksonville in Texas.

And the other at the Sky City Casino Hotel on 32 Indian Service Route 30, Acoma Pueblo in NewMexico.

Sky City Casino Hotel on 32 Indian Service Route 30,

Acoma Pueblo in NewMexico.

South Street, Jacksonville, Texas, both images can be viewed on Google.

Just type in the above address and use street view to look around.

Anomaly appears to be behind telephone lines