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Because of the many similarities between the oval/lenticular craft and the more common domed saucer, it is with great difficulty that a separate identity is maintained for this craft.

The lenticular craft is in general oval in shape, and is most often reported as a disc, either oval or round, sometimes having a low dome on top. Size range is tremendous, varying from something like 8 inches for a lenticular "foo-fighter" of World War II, to upwards of around 30 meters

The nighttime neon-like, solid-colour luminescence emanates from an envelope of air around the objects like a halo, rather than from the crafts directly.

These types of craft have been witnessed to land with and without landing gear in reeds, or soft terrain, and low-hovering. Lenticular and disk saucers sometimes swirl down grass rings.

Oval/ Lenticular craft

Photograph from the French police files

Close up of photo taken in Barcelona  5th August 1973

Photo taken in February 1965 from the deck of the navy cruiser Royalist near Cape Brett in Bay of Islands. New Zealand.

The Royalist was on its way back from Waitangi celebrations ,this photo has lain undiscovered for more than 40 years.

Above photos are from Egypt, 5th September 1972