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The initial impression one has is that spheres and orbs appear to be the same type of craft, given their similarities and the fact that both are mostly reported as being perfectly spherical.

But several variations do occur. Spheres have been witnessed to be flattened or elongated when see travelling at speed. Mostly however, they are a round shaped solid object either glowing or metallic.

Colours have been reported as white, silver, red, green and amber, and may resemble a ball of fire when seen. Daytime colours may also include black. Their size is reported to be in the 1 to 30 meter range.

When viewed from a distance they may appear as small as a pea held at arms length. Orbs are also sometimes known as obols which are smaller spheres with a 1 to 3 feet diameter. They appear as a round shaped illumination that does not seem to be a solid object, but more of a plasma in many different colours.

There are some who consider that orbs may be some form of probe, which may be preprogrammed or remotely controlled sensing devices. Spheres and orbs remain a relatively common type of craft, although in recent years have been seen to favour their appearance in clusters.


   Personal report from a Psychics Professor and Author of his UFO experience that he had as a boy

Location USA.

Time:just after sunset, but fully light. I was feeding the hogs, the only member of the family outside. My mother was in the house, my father and brothers in the barn, milking cows.

I happened to look up as this UFO came more or less towards me, high enough to easily clear the tall cottonwoods along the creek, maintaining a straight West to East course, at constant altitude, which I estimate at about 200 feet, since it was hidden by the trees along the creek until it was over them.

I estimate its speed about the same as a car coming down the driveway, no more than 20 mph. It had the look of an asteroid, spherical and pitted, covered with a greenish aura, as if it were burning up. That's it! Very simple description. No windows, no antenna, no protuberances.

It was clearly not an asteroid, which do not travel silently, slowly, or horizontally. Since I am pretty sure about the height, I can make a crude estimate of size, which would be 25 feet in diameter to a factor of 2. In other words, it could have been 50 feet, or it could have been 12-13 feet in diameter.

As a disguise, it was very effective. It was seen over wide regions of Oklahoma and Texas, according to the paper next day. It was even seen by two different groups of astronomers, who took it for an asteroid. They plotted two quite different landing points, hundreds of miles apart.

It was completely silent, like most UFOs. Nearly overhead it made an instantaneous right angled turn and went off to the south, passing over the horizon within half a mile, which provides another proof that it was flying very low. When I say "instantaneous" I mean, no banking, no slowing down, as if it had zero inertia. Nobody in my family believes this story. I was 10 at the time..