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The Mt Washington 1870 ‘Cigar’ Photo thought to be the oldest UFO image in existence

The speculation as to what the object was in the famous 'Mt Washington cigar photo' and dubbed' The oldest UFO photo ever taken'  I think can be finally solved.

What we have always seen was the cropped version of the photo.It was not until the uncroped image was released that we  had a better understanding of what exactly we are looking at.

Also when the cropped image was enlarged what appeared to be a Swastika on the object  was really confusing.If this was a photo from 1870 why should it be there?

                     This is the original cropped photo that has been circulating on the Internet for years

                                 And the object (UFO) looked as if it may be against a background of clouds

When we finally had access to the Uncropped  image we can  see what is a snow mound with sky in background, and a folding ruler placed as a size comparison.Yes the cigar UFO is in fact an old type wooden folding rule or "standard".

Expedition members carried them to make observations like snow depth, rime accumulation, etc.

They even complained about losing or breaking them in poor weather.

You are looking at a ruler placed on a snow-covered cairn to scale an object in featureless terrain.

As to what the swastika design on the main body was, this could be no more than a doodle on the ruler.

                                            Images of early folding type rulers,

           The ends on the wooden one would match the ‘fins’  seen on previous photos