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Date: 16/5/1998 Time:10:45 Place: Grangemouth Central Scotland.

Weather: Bright morning, clear blue sky.

It was while driving to work that my attention was drawn to a man and a child who were standing beside the road on my left, directly opposite to the road, where I had to turn into.

The mans arm was raised as he pointed up to something that was in the sky for the child's attention. I tried to see what the man was pointing at, and although I saw a shape it was obscured by trees growing along the roadside.

It was only when I turned right into the road and bending forward slightly that I could get a good look at the craft, through my front windscreen.

My own sighting of a UFO

My drawing of the craft done shortly afterwards

My immediate impression was of a T shaped craft, angular, with triangular shaped panels along the front, it had a protrusion or knob at the top, and underneath was a dense black. There were no portholes windows, or lights, and the overall colour was a burnt dark silver, or pewter.

It was difficult to determine its size for I was looking up to a hovering craft, against a clear blue sky with no points of reference. If I had to approximate I would say it was 8-10 meters wide

Another lasting impression was that the craft was very 'old' almost Victorian in the appearance of its construction.

Around the outer perimeter of the craft there was a burnt hazy look, which extended a few feet around the craft.

I took my eyes of the craft as I quickly drove forward to a parking spot. When I got out of the car, the UFO was gone.

It was shortly after this event that I joined the Internet, and while in conversation with a researcher I was encouraged to read Paul R Hills book: ‘Unconventional Flying Objects’ (ISBN 1-57174-027-9) On page 67 of this excellent publication, I came across a passage where Mr. Hill was describing how the force field or plasma generated by a UFO, can affect how we as individuals perceive the craft, and I quote:

The absorption characteristics of the plasma can also partly account for the daytime hazy or smoky appearance of the atmosphere around the UFO. When the surrounding illumination is brighter than the plasma, the plasma absorption may be greater than its emission, making it look darker or hazy’ Also: ‘If it looks very dark or smoky, the UFO primary radiation is probably inducing chemical Reactions of the atmospheric impurities’.

Considering that the sighting took place in a town which has the largest petrochemical works in Scotland, then atmospheric pollutants may indeed have played a part in how the craft was observed. And confirmed that the field that is generated by a UFO, may have this hazy, smoky burnt look around its immediate perimeter, when encountering pollutants in the atmospher

I searched in vain for a photograph to match what I saw without success, until I had a breakthrough.

Although I searched many web sites for a photograph to match what I had witnessed,It was not until I visited http://csr.phys.ualberta.ca/~jdejong/personal/trip/ufos.htm

That I came across a report submitted by a Canadian student.

This student  had been on holiday in Scotland, and had his photograph taken, while posing besides The Robert the Bruce statue in Stirling.

In the background and unaware to both the photographer and the subject was a UFO.

What makes this photograph remarkable, was the fact that it was taken on 20/7/1998 which was 2 months after my sighting, and even with only a cursory inspection, you can see it has the same thick, chunky shape, as the craft I witnessed.

And Its possible the extended tube, was only a characteristic of this craft while hovering, and not while in flight.

Also note the hazy distortion around the perimeter of the craft, as the field that is generated by a UFO,interacts with the atmosphere

It is my firm conviction that this photograph, out of the many fake UFO photos that abound, is a true and genuine UFO photograph.

As was my true and genuine sighting