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 The easy part in describing this most unusual craft is it's shape. Terminology used by witnesses vary from horseshoe, magnet   and simply "U" shaped. All of these descriptions easily enable the reader to visualize this craft.

  What is somewhat more difficult is the features displayed that are common to the horseshoe type of craft, or rather the lack   of  features displayed. What we do know is that it's size varies from that of a large aero plane to several times larger than a    jumbo  jet.

 Colour of this large craft due to the object picking up the hues of the surrounding area. The perimeter lighting has been seen   to   be yellow, yellow-orange and non- blinking. No sound has been heard from the horseshoe craft despite it's habit of low   level   flight. Again this craft does not appear to bank to turn, but rather, as is common on a vehicle of this size, rotates.

Horseshoe shaped craft

                                                    MICHIGAN HORSESHOE SHAPED UFO Report

 ANN ARBOR -- Daniel C. Hoppin writes that on Saturday, September 9, 2000, my brother and girlfriend were walking down a crowded main street   around 9:30 at night. I saw a family pointing up at the sky and overheard the little girl ask her dad "What is that?" to which the father responded,   "I don't know, we've never seen anything like it."

 I looked up and saw an object moving north, high overhead. At first I thought it was some kind of odd shaped balloon, but as I watched, it   turned. The object was a red/ochre colour, and shaped like a horseshoe, with the open end facing the back. At this point I drew my comrades   attention to the object, and they watched it as well. The night was hazy, and the object wasn't lit, so it was not obvious unless you were looking   right at it. My brother thought that the reddish colour was actually a reflection of the downtown lights.

  We watched the object slowly move north straight above the street, until it faded away in the haze. A plane travelling a similar flight path flew   over at what seemed the same altitude. We estimate the UFO was half a football field or 150 feet in length. We heard no noise.

  There are several   blimps that fly out of Ann Arbor, but what we saw wasn't a blimp, airplane, helicopter, or flock of geese, it was solid, and like   the little girls   daddy said, "I've never seen anything like it."