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The egg craft has been seen to fly with the long axis vertical.

Egg configurations ordinarily range in the 1 - 30 meter range and it is equipped to land with retractable landing gear.

Studies done on ground impressions left when an egg-shaped craft was seen to land revealed that it was 6 meters axial and 3 meters cross diameter. The weight of the craft was 30 tons.

The sound may be from a roar to a hum, buzz, whine or whirr at close quarters,

which can  rise in both pitch and intensity seconds before and during takeoff.

In flight it may have a light swish-of-air sound, or may run absolutely silent.

With few exceptions, there is no roar or boom when moving at supersonic speed. The egg-shaped craft has been witnessed in a multitude of colours. These range from rainbow, silver, white, metallic and black.

Egg Shaped Craft

                                This is a close encounter of the third kind that Project Blue Book classifies as "unexplained".

Socorro is a small town located about an hours drive south of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Friday April 24, 1964 at Socorro, police sergeant Lonnie Zamora was on duty.

The time was approximately 5.45 p.m. and Zamora was chasing a speeding driver in a black Chevrolet, north on U.S. Highway 85.

“At this time I heard a roar and saw a flame in the sky to the southwest some distance away." It could be an explosion because it came from the direction of a local dynamite shack situated not far away.

Abandoning the car chase Sergeant Zamora immediately headed to the area to investigate what happened. Later that day, when interviewed by Arthur Byrnes, the F.B.I. Agent, Zamora said:

"It looked like a car turned upside down… standing on its radiator or trunk. Getting closer, he also spotted two figures. "I saw two people in white coveralls very close to the object. One of these persons seemed to turn and look straight at my car and seemed startled -seemed to quickly jump somewhat. I don't recall noting any particular shape or possibly any hats or headgear. These persons appeared normal in shape -but possibly they were small adults or small kids." Zamora radioed police headquarters and reported that he was going to investigate a possible car accident.

Then he proceeded up the road to a gully, being a good observation point for him. Now he was about 75-100 meters from the place that interested him. The flame and smoke coming from the object, he observed earlier, had now disappeared. He stopped the car, got out and began to approach the object. Now he realized that this was not a car he was observing... One of the figures looked towards the approaching police car and seemed to be astonished by Zamora's presence.

Suddenly he heard two or three load "thumps" resembling a door shutting hard. Another noise in form of a loud sound with a high frequency could be also heard. No smoke was seen but a blue flame turning to orange or yellow shot out from the underside of the vehicle. The beings were no longer visible. Afraid it was going to explode, Zamora ducked down over a small hill for protection, still observing the craft...

The legs he saw before were no longer visible. The craft took off from the ground and the high frequency sound suddenly stopped. The now completely silent object flew, parallel to the terrain, towards southwest, picking up speed while leaving the area. Then it disappeared...

                                         The Socorro Landing

     One of the most fascinating UFO cases in history, and perhaps one of the best documented encounters.