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The double disc UFO is so called because of it's resemblance to two disc placed rim to rim.

Or perhaps two pie dishes placed lip to lip.

Dimensions for this craft vary in size from 1 to 30 meters.

In daylight these are a brightly polished silver colour to a dull aluminium appearance. Flat- bottomed saucers are often darker underneath.

At night they are solidly lighted in red, orange, amber, yellow, blue or blue-violet, and brilliant white,

singly or in combinations. The nighttime halo tends of obscure the vehicle, making the edges indistinct.

Often on the double hat, or pie pan saucer, a rim of light may be wrapped around the middle.

When witnessed these objects seem at times to vibrate heavily. If the object is moving slowly,

the movement seems jerky or jittery. It is difficult to know whether the jitter is an actual motion or an optical effect.

At close quarters these craft may be accompanied by a buzz, hum or whine.

The sound rises in both pitch and intensity seconds before and during takeoff from a hovering or landed position.

Double Disc

Tor San Lorenzo Italy 30/10/2009