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This craft in many ways resembles a diamond so it is aptly named, both in shape and in the brilliance it can at times display.

Its exterior can be as polished and as dazzling as a mirror in bright sunlight.

The colours reported range from white to black with just about every colour of the spectrum in-between.

It is possible that it is the crafts exterior that is in itself reflecting surrounding atmospheric conditions.

The diamond craft has been witnessed to have either one or up to a dozen beams of light emitting from its base, as if the craft were searching for something. Often there are yellowish-orange lights on the points of the diamond.

Size range can vary, but a general estimate is about 18 feet across and between 8 and 10 feet high.

Portholes or windows have not been a reported feature with this UFO.

Many reports have mentioned unusual electrical disturbance connected with this craft, e.g. static electricity, and malfunction of electrical equipment.

Diamond Craft

Diamond Shaped craft seen with Cigar UFO, photo taken on naval submarine USS Trepang 1971 Source: theblackvault.com