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Cigar Shaped Craft

Cigar and dirigible type craft share many of the same characteristics. So it is difficult to separate the two types, however in general the cigar is the larger of the two.

Generally the colours have been reported by witnesses as highly polished silver, brown or metallic coloured. The size range is tremendous. Well upwards of a thousand feet in length for the giant cylindrical craft to hundreds of feet and possibly much larger for the dirigible.

Smaller craft have been seen to be discharged from the cigar and dirigible UFOs in large numbers. The big cigar craft are sometimes surrounded by great white clouds.

They can move slowly (100 mph) without generating a plume. An interesting feature of these two craft is that they are generally totally silent while in a stationary position or while manoeuvring.

A scientist who personally witnessed a large dirigible object 1000 feet above Chesapeake Bay noted that when it accelerated it changed from a level path to an upward slanting path making an angle of about 5 degrees and disappeared within 4 to 5 seconds. He later calculated the speed of the craft at 8,900 mph.

Photo believed to have been taken in Puerto Maldonado Peru on July 19 1952

               Mr. Buzz Montague and his partner were on a hunting trip in the Sellway wilderness of Idaho.

They were camped on the bluff of a hill overlooking a mine dump half a mile away.

When they awakened at six one morning, their attention was attracted to something shiny on the dump. Looking through the scopes of their hunting rifles, they could see that the shiny object was a domed lenticular saucer having four hoses stuck into the mine tailings.

There were four such vehicles in all, each hovering over the dump with their hoses inserted.

A thousand feet above hovered a cigar-shaped vehicle having four depressions on the underside corresponding to the four saucers.

One by one the saucers elevated to the parent vehicle and on entering a depression, neither the depression or the vehicle was visible.

Each soon returned to the mine dump, presumably for another load of tailings, and the witness estimated that each made a total of four trips in roughly the space of an hour, Then, with the saucers in place, the large vehicle climbed away to the northwest.

Recent Live feed from Nasa space station showing cigar shaped craft

Military Pilots ‘Gun Camera’ photo (one of several) take in Treviso Air Base, Italy on 18/6/1979